Our animals really do become a family member & can have the same emotions, needs, & illnesses as do humans. heart attacks and seizures). 9l, I yelled at my 18year old Snow Shoe and she went limp and died 20-30 minutes later. What it all comes down to is that cat group dynamics are much more complicated than we realize. Those events trigged what is wrong with me. Dr. Barbara Kitchell, a veterinary cancer specialist, says that grief counseling often is part of what caring veterinarians naturally do. Excessive hiding. Dr. Arnold Plotnick, DVM, ACVIM, still remembers a grief-stricken cat he met many years ago. Now, back to domestic cats, who are often “playing, sleeping and even hunting together,” according to Hartwell. It was heartbreaking. They’d sit with her on the counter, watching the birds at the feeders, or sun themselves with her in the breezeway. I got him as a kitten from my local SPCA. Many years ago I lost my year old female Siamese to mammary cancer. About 6 weeks after that surgery, my cat started having diarrhea and was lsoing weight and refusing to eat. However, because we have no research around the subject at this time, it's difficult to say definitively whether a cat can sniff out cancer. After much TLC he grew into a pretty & very affectionate cat. “Many cancers are treatable and it really depends on the type of cancer. Had they been living in the wild, his presence would have attracted predators. She lived three more happy years until she began losing weight, though she was eating all the time. Because chemotherapy is associated with really bad side effects in humans, many pet owners hesitate to try it for their cats. Please help; I know he’s going to die soon, but there is still a feeling that I caused it. Morris is doing OK but lumps are back and we decided not to subject this beautiful Photography © Ulianna | Thinkstock. Here's hoping that changes soon. Their strong olfactory discrimination means they can detect cancer and other diseases. It is possible that your yelling at her was not the cause of her death. See How These Rescues Are Saving Senior Cats, American Association of Feline Practitioners. Belly Fluid Buildup in Cats) - Cute funny cat kitten pictures videos, Lo que debe saber sobre el síndrome de Horner en los gatos - Gatos y mascotas. Check your cat monthly for lumps and bumps, feeling all over her body for anything out of the ordinary. IT AIN’T CALLED KIBBLE IT’S CALLED CAT FOOD. So, if your dog is sensing something different about you, they'll probably start off by sniffing you. Many cats will suffer for hours or even days before they die. Many years ago I found a tiny, crying orange kitten in my yard. He is still with us to this day and the vets always tell me that he used up more than an extra life during this his treatment. Tell us: Have any of your cats ever had cancer before? "And cats can certainly detect illness." Depending on the type of cancer, with timely treatment you might have many more years with your cat. Can cats tell when another cat is sick or dying? “There are some that we treat with combinations of maybe surgery and then radiation or chemo, and cats can live one, two, three years, or even longer, depending on the cancer.”. In Oscar's case, she says, keeping a … My vet said that, however, when the time came, she would let me know. To the other cats, he was a threat to the group. But she adjusted quite well. Pour all the love you feel for your kitty into giving love to other kitties…and vow never to yell at a cat again. Kat, you did the best you could! He had it out but it was big, subcutaneous not inside his belly, thankfully. Barn cats shared mothering responsibilities and even nursed one another’s kittens, as lionesses did. I teased her about being a Pirate Cat!
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