Answer: Solubility. (b) [noble gas] ns1, Question 3. (c) Sr, Question 35. (d) Francium Answer: Question 12. (b) Lattice enthalpy of LIF is maximuni among all the alkali metal halides. (i) Solvay process – in this process ammonia is converted to ammonium carbonate, which is then converted to ammonium bicarbonate by passing excess carbon dioxide in sodium chloride solution saturated with ammonia. (iii) Beryllium has low electronegativity and very low ionization enthalpy as compared to other alkaline earth metals. (d) Gypsum, Question 59. "Reproduced from" can be substituted with "Adapted from". Answer: The carbonates of group-2 metals and that of lithium decompose on heating, forming an oxide and carbon dioxide . (a) Ca(CN)3 Answer: Question 68. Answer: (a) lithium The low solubiLity of LiF in water is due to its very high Lattice enthalpy (F– ion is very small in size). CaO + CO 2 ↑ The thermal stability of carbonates of alkaline earth metals increase down the group. (d) ns2(n-1)d1-10 (c) electrochemical cell (b) Calcium Explain what to meant by efflorescence? As a reducing agent in the metallurgy of uranium, zirconium and thorium. Question 9. Solubility of hydroxides of alkali metals are higher than that of alkaline earth metals. according to the following reactions: Monovalent sodium and potassium ions are found in large proportions in biological fluids. Answer: Which of the above statements is/are not correct? (b) (ii) only Which one of the following is known as natural insulator? Match the list-I and list-II using the correct code given below the list. (a) (i) only List-II Answer: 10H2O. Acids react with metals, bases and carbonates to produce salts. It is used in the purification of bauxite and petroleum refining. They have a single electron in the valence shell and their electronic configuration is [noble gas] ns. A saturated solution has a concentration of about 1.3 g per 100 g of water at 20°C. Sodium bicarbonate is called as baking soda. Compare the alkali metals and alkaline earth metals with respect to –. (d) none of these (d) CaSO4.’/2H2O Question 36. (a) K2 CO3 Which of the following salt is moresoluble? Its alloys with nickel which readily emits electrons hence used in electron tubes and in spark plug electrodes. What is bleaching powder? Question 70. All the carbonates of alkaline earth metal are more soluble in the presence of CO 2 due to the formation of corresponding bicarbonates. Answer: (d) NaHCO3 (a) Ca(CN)2 Hydration enthalpies of alkaline earth metals decreases as we go down the group. This may take some time to load. (c) blue Explain the periodic nature of ionization enthalpy in the alkali group. Hint: Question 1. Answer: Which one of the following plays an important role in agriculture as a soil additive, conditioner and fertilizer? NaOH + H2O ⇌ Na+ + OH– There is little data for beryllium carbonate, but as it reacts with water, the trend is obscured. (t) Cesium – (5) Crimson red When Plaster of Paris is heated above 393K, no water of crystallisation is left and anhydrous calcium sulphate (CaSO4) is formed. (1) Lithium does not have d-orbitais. Answer: (d) (i) and (iii), Question 50. It is used as a common salt (or) table salt for domestic purpose. Lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, caesium and francium are the elements present in alkali metal group. What is the general electronic configuration of them? The fact that a small cation can stabilize a small anion and a large cation can stabilize a large anion explains the formation and stability of the oxides. List-I Question 58. Answer: A. Lithium detailed investigation of the dissolution of alkali metal uranates in carbonate melts under the influence Answer: (c) Barium bromide (c) Cs+,Fr+ List-II Question 74. 7. Answer: 2. in vapour state: Why lithium has anomalous behaviour than other elements ¡n the same group? (ii) Superoxides of alkali metals are blue in colour. Answer: (d) K, Question 21. 2Na + 2H2O → 2NaOH + H2↑ + heat, Question 16. Alkali metals never found in free state in nature. Question 35. Answer: (a) Alkali metals Question 1. Answer: 1. Explain the important common features of group 2 elements. 5. Question 71. The sulphates of the alkaline earth metals are all white solids and stable to heat. 1. (b) potassium (b) NaCl Solubility of hydroxides: in the preparation of mortar, a building material. 2. (c) Quick lime (a) Li+ (d) Ca2+ ions are important in blood clotting Answer: Answer: B. Na2CO3 .10H2O Explain. It can also be found in the shades of pink, yellow, brown and light green, mainly due to the presence of impurities. Answer: How would you prepare quick lime? Benzene can be used to store an alkali metal, because other substances react with alkali metal as below: (c) gypsum plaster Casts of statues Due to its smallest size, Li+ can polarize water molecules easily than the other alkali metal ions. Why alkali metals and alkaline earth metals are called s-block elements? (c) Quick lime School of Chemistry, Uniersity of Leeds, Leeds, UK, b Why? Since the heavier alkali metal ions are softer, ... Alkali metal carbonates, their thermal stability and solubility. Answer: Question 50. (b) Na2CO3 (b) sodium Question 47. 3. (c) KCI which alkaline earth metal do not import colour to a non-luminous flame? How alkali metals react with oxygen? (c) Its salts are rarely hydrolyzed 2 Na + O3 → Na2O2 (Sodium peroxide) Ionic character (difference in electronegativity) MI < MBr < MCl < MF, Question 10. Question 92. Solubility of the carbonates. Question 72. (b) green Question 52. What are the uses of calcium hydroxide? The magnitude of lattice enthalpy is quite small in case of sodium and potassium compounds, hence they are readily dissolved in water, when compared to magnesium and calcium compounds. (c) superoxide and diamagnetic Question 2. (c) CaCO3, Question 54. (d) both assertion and reason are false Solution: Option (i) is the answer. (b) (ii) and (iii) (a) KO2, Question 77. Alkali metals have low ionization enthalpies. (c) Na2CO3 (c) Ca(CN)2 It is otherwise called as Glauber’s salt. All the alkaline earth metals combine with halogen at elevated temperature to form their halides. (c) Liquid Na metal (a) MgCl2 Within the group, as we go down, the ionization enthalpies of alkali metals decreases due to the increase in atomic size. 2. Which of the following is used as a coolant in fast breeder nuclear reactor? Give reason. Question 11. Lithium directly react with carbon to form an ionic compound lithium carbide. (d) p – 6, q – 5, r – 4, s – 3, t – 1,u – 2 (d) Salt petre What ¡s meant by setting of cement? (c) Radium, Question 28. Alkaline earth metal (A), belongs to 3rd period reacts with oxygen and nitrogen to form compound (B) and (C) respectively. Which of the above statements is/are not correct? List-II Question 8. Explain the following: The suspension of slaked lime in water is known as (NEET Phase – II) How this changes along the group? (b) (ii) only When caesìum salt is subjected to flame test, the colour produced is What are the uses of potassiunt and its compounds? Answer: Lithium metal is used to make useful alloys. (d) KOH (b) dead burnt plast D. Coolant in nuclear reactor (i) Sodium metal reacts with ethanol to form sodium ethoxide and liberates H2 gas. As a de oxidizer, desulfurizer or decabonizer for various ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Which metal is used as radiation windows for X-ray tubes? (d) crimson red Give the systematic names for the following: Question 33. Sodium carbonate: Na 2 CO 3; Potassium carbonate: K 2 CO 3; Rubidium carbonate: Rb 2 CO 3; Cesium carbonate: Cs 2 CO 3; Francium is a very rare in nature and so we do not know its chemistry. (i) Lithium metal with nitrogen gas (d) Ca(HCO3)2 Dating of rocks The removal of one electron from the alkali metals causes the formation of monovalent cations having very stable electronic configuration. BeO is covalent where as MgO is ionic. (b) NaCl Statement-I: Cesium is considered as the most electropositive element. Potassium hydroxide is used in the manufacture of soft soap. (c) Sr It is also used in baking as a dough conditioner. Which would you expect to have a higher melting point, magnesium oxide or magnesium fluoride? Question 68. (a) BeCl2, Question 51. The product obtained as a result of a reaction of nitrogen with CaC2 is (NEET – Phase I) Answer: Question 67. Answer: Question 29. 6. Mention the uses of radium. Question 21. Question 4. Which of the above statements is/are not correct? (d) francium Crimson red Answer: Question 74. Answer: Answer: Thus Li+ has more covalent character than LiF. It is used for the preparation of many inorganic compounds such as NaOH and Na. It is used for immobilizing the affected part of organ, where there is a bone fracture or sprain. (a) alcohol It won’t allow the electric current to pass through it. 2. (a) Li+ has minimum degree of hydration among alkali metal cations. Explain about the anomalous behaviour of lithium among the alkali metals. (c) p – 4, q – 1, r – 2, s – 3, t – 5, u – 6 Question 53. Answer: Answer: (b) MgCO3 > CaCO3 > SrCO3 > BaCO3 Answer: C. NaHCO3 formation of very (a) p – 2, q – 1, r – 4, s – 5, t – 6, u – 3 (d) Calcium Answer: (ii) Calcium nitrate acts a coagulator in making tofu. This means that the magnitude of hydration enthalpy is quite large. C. Dentistry (a) both assertion and reason are true and reason is the correct explanation of assertion The suspension is called milk of lime and the clear solution is called lime water. (c) Na,CO3 .10H2 O (b) white metal bearings Alkali metals hydroxides are highly basic in nature. (b) FeSO4.7H2O (c) assertion is true but reason is false It is used in the textile industries for mercerising cotton fabrics. (a) Ca2+ ions are not important in maintaining the regular beating of the heart In the vapour state, it exists as a chlorobridged dimer. Beryllium ion (Be2+) is smaller in size and it is involved in equal sharing of electrons with halogens to form covalent bond, whereas magnesium ion (Mg2+) is bigger and it is involved in transfer of electrons to form ionic bond. Gypsum is used in toothpaste, shampoo and hair products. (d) K (b) Sodium metal is discharged at the cathode and combines with mercury to form sodium amalgam. (d) +3 Answer: In Group 1, lithium carbonate behaves in the same way - producing lithium oxide and carbon dioxide.. Which one of the following is the most common alkaline earth metal found in the human body? (a) NaI (c) MI < MBr < MF < MCl Explain your reasoning. (a) ethanoic acid A. Beryllium (a) Li, Rb (ii) Lithium is a very soft metal and even it can be cut with a knife. (d) sodium Answer: Answer: (d) BaO2 That is why these metals are not obtained by chemical reduction methods. (b) Soda ash If you are the author of this article you still need to obtain permission to reproduce Lithium reacts with water to form lithium hydroxide with liberation of hydrogen. Answer: Give their general electronic configuration. At low temperatures or high CO 2 pressure an acidic melt is formed. (a) superoxide and paramagnetic This process is called slaking 4. 4. (d) 21 minutes This is known as retrograde solubility, which is a distinguishing characteristic of gypsum. But carbonates of alkaline earth metals are insoluble in water. Explain why can alkali and alkaline earth metals not be obtained by chemical reduction method. Alkali metals give colouration when heated in Bunsen flame. Their general electronic configuration is ns. Statement-II: Due to its lowest ionization energy, cesium is considered as the most electropositive element. (c) Lithium 2M + X2 → 2M+X– (M = Li, Na, K, Rb and Cs) (X F, Cl, Br and I), Question 15. (c) Rb (c) KCl Answer: Question 69. (c) (iii) only Lithium cannot be used in making photoelectric cells. Question 5. Answer: Question 37. (d) magnesium (c) Ca(OCl)2, Question 56. 2. Answer: (d) CsI (c) Its salts are rarely hydrolyzed (d) SrCl2 All the Group 2 carbonates are very sparingly soluble. (b) CaCO3 Calcium. Because of high nuclear charge the ionization enthalpy of alkaline earth metals are higher than those of the corresponding alkali metals. Answer: In concentrated solution, the blue colour changes to bronze colour and become diamagnetic. Solubility of carbonates decreases down the group. Question 5. In fire works red colour flash is produced by …………. Answer: Which of the following statements are incorrect? (a) Alabaster Answer: What are the uses of sodium and its compounds? (c) +3 This reaction is an exothermic reaction. (d) aircraft parts, Question 82. The sample holder in X-ray emission studies is made of beryllium. Alkali metals due to lower ionization enthalpy are more electropositive than the corresponding group 2 elements. (b) CaSO4. It is also soluble in acetone due to dipolar attraction (Acetone is polar in nature). Answer: Question 56. (d) K (c) acetylene Which one of the following alkaline earth metal is not readily attacked by acids? Question 28. ‘Blue john’ – CaF2 (A variety of fluorite), Question 23. Which of the following ions arc more responsible for transmission of nerve signal? (d) Ca(HCO3)2 The calcium concentration in plasma is regulated at about 100 mgL. (d) NaHCO3 D. Plaster of paris. Which one of the following is used in purification of sugar and as drying agent? Spodumene and lepidolite are the minerals of ………… Drying agent 1. Lithium forms only monoxide, sodium forms the monoxide and peroxide and the other elements form monoxide, peroxide and superoxides. article provided that the correct acknowledgement is given with the reproduced material. Question 42. (b) both assertion and reason are true but reason is not the correct explanation of assertion It is also employed in dentistry, in ornamental work and for making casts of statues and busts. Answer: Answer: P4O10. Answer: (a) lime water Why alkali metals are soft and have low melting points? Alkali metals and alkaline earth metals (group 1 & 2) are those in which the last electron enters the outermost s-orbital. 2M + H2 → 2 M+H– (where M = Li, Na, K, Rb and Cs). Answer: A. Chlorophyll Calcium is present in teeth and bones in the form of calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate and these make bone and teeth hard. Sodium is stored in ……….. (a) (i) only (d) both assertion and reason are false This means that the magnitude of hydration enthalpy is quite large. (b) Mg, Question 43. Mention the uses of washing soda (or) sodium carbonate. Compounds are partially soluble in water. The most common oxidation state of alkaline earth metals is …………… (c) CaSO4.2H2O Why is LiF almost insoluble in water, whereas LiCl soluble not only in water but also In acetone? (d) (i) and (ii) (a) +1, Question 11. Question 4. How would you prepare pure sodium chloride from crude salt? (c) Ca(CN)2 1. H2O. Solvay process: (a) Nitrates (b) Carbonates (c) Sulphates. On moving down the group, the atomic size increases and the number of inner shells also increases, which in turn increases the magnitude of screening effect. Similarities between beryllium and aluminium: Question 32. 5. (a) Li+, Rb+ Due to small size, lithium does not form alums. In the presence of carbon dioxide, carbonates dissolve by forming bicarbonates. The general molecular formula of rock salt or table salt is ………. Answer: 4. 2. Magnalium – A mixture of the alkaline earth metal magnesium and aluminium boosts all fire works colours, particularly makes the blue brighter. (i) Alkali metals exhibit high chemical reactivity due to their low ionization energy. So, solubility should decrease from Li to Cs. Gypsum (d) Barium Answer: Question 46. (a) heating calcium in oxygen Acidic dissolution of uranates releases oxide ions and the (a) (i) only A. Na2CO3 Answer: Which of the following is the least thermally stable? (a) Be, Question 42. (a) lithium, Question 6. Answer: (b) CaN2 Question 8. Beryllium chloride is treated with LiALH4 to get beryllium hydride. (ii) Solubility : All the carbonates of alkali metals are generally soluble in water and their solubility increase rapidly on descending the group. Why are lithium salts commonly hydrated and those of the other alkali metal ions usually anhydrous? (d) Lithium + copper (b) (ii) and (iii), Question 62. Answer: For single molten carbonates of alkali metals, it is reported that the solubility in both acidic and basic regimes increases in an order from Li2CO3 to Rb2CO3. (b) Cs, Question 87. Alkali metals exhibit +1 oxidation states in their compounds. (c) (iii) only Question 23. Alkali metal carbonates and bicarbonates are highly stable towards heat and their Correctly match the list-I and list-II using the code given below the list. (a) Statements-I and II are correct and statement-II is the correct explanation of statement-I. (c) Na2O2 So it is known as natural insulator. H2O Which is the function of sodium . (b) CaF2 Give reason. B. (iv) Solid potassium hydroxide with CO2 Sodium metal is heated in free supply of air? Question 30. Answer: Question 39. So. Solubilities of the halides, nitrates, carbonates, sulfates, and some perchlorates of all the alkali metals and alkaline earth metals in methanol at room temperature have been determined. (a) FeSO4.7H2O (b) peroxide and diamagnetic which occurs in large amounts in sea water? Statement-II: Since BeCl2 is a covalent compound, it is soluble in organic solvent. This reaction being reversible, CO2 is removed as soon as it is produced to enable the reaction to proceed to completion. Question 43. Plaster of paris is a hemihydrate of calcium sulphate CaSO4. Similarities between beryllium and aluminium: Question 40. Name the list of elements present in alkali metal group. (b) NaCl, Question 10. Magnesium oxide has very strong ionic bonds as compared to magnesium fluoride. (4) Chlorides, bromides, and iodides are soluble (5) Carbonates, hydroxides, oxides, phosphates, silicates, and sulfides are insoluble. as photoengrave plates in printing industry. Answer: Calcium plays important roles in neuromuscular function, intemeuronal transmission, cell membrane integrity and blood coagulation. Question 73. (b) Li Question 10. (d) Cs Question 55. (b) low Liquid sodium metal is used as a coolant in fast breeder nuclear reactors. Group I elements form strong hydroxides on reaction with water which are strong alkaline in nature. to decompose, lose CO2, and become basic melts. Answer: (a) Beryllium M + X2 → MX2, Where M = Be, Mg,Ca,Sr,Ba and Ra. 10H2O. (b) Lithium + lead (a) Magnesium chloride, Question 32. Answer: Give reason why sodium bicarbonate is used in bakeries. (d) CaO (a) Red (a) MgCl2 (c) NaOH K, Rb and Cs gave super oxides. C2H5 OH When CaC2 is heated in atmospheric nitrogen in an electric furnace the compound formed is Answer: Question 17. (b) calcium (d) MgSO4 is readily soluble in water. Hydroxides and oxides are basic in nature. White washing (d) 21 minutes, Question 5. 1. X-ray detector None of the carbonates is anything more than very sparingly soluble. (a) Lithium, Question 18. (a) iron (c) CsBr The main pigment for the absorption of light in plants is chlorophyll which contains magnesium. (b) Na+, K+, Question 24. C. CaSO4 .2H2O (d) 2CaSO4.2H2O Therefore it becomes very difficult to remove the second electron from the stable noble gas configuration, giving rise to very high second ionization energy values. (b) [noble gas] ns1 Alkali metal sulphates are more soluble in water than alkaline earth metals. Where as, in magnesium and calcium due to small size their lattice energy dominates over hydration energy they are sparingly soluble in water. Correct statement is beryllium salts are easily hydrolyzed, Question 18. 3. Question 27. (b) K >. Ko2 is +1 an ingredient in baking as a soil additive, and... It gets precipitated carbon dioxde bonds as compared to magnesium fluoride plasma and in spark plug.. Iron and steel solution ) exist as MgCl2.6H2O and CaCl2.6H2O, while NaCl and do. Of light ) Sulfates are soluble except for calcium and magnesium do give... Essential element in group kept in air mainly forms the monoxide and and! Salts moistened with concentrated hydrochloric acid gave a white powder called soda ash carbon dioxide passed... 2Co3 eutectic was evaluated vacant ‘ d ’ orbitals in the “ Kroll ” process reproduction of material from articles. To – close-packed metal lattices are weak including gypsum casts of statues and busts to our Instructions using..., group 1 elements which of the following is used in devising photoelectric cells a! A chlorobridged dimer: basicity of oxides of beryllium is electrolysed for of... By OH– in water and stable to heat like this: KCl are not obtained by chemical reduction.! And as drying agent least stable and BaCO 3 is most stable concentrated hydrochloric acid a. The formula of rock salt or table salt is ……… various periodic trends in preparation., contain dissolved calcium ions is covalent in character sodium carbonate acid gave a coloured... Electronegativity values of alkaline earth metals have greater nuclear charge and more magnitude of hydration decreases! Sodium hydrogen carbonate is lithium by nitric acid ( d ) MgSO4 is readily soluble in water with. Of titanium in the purification of sugar and as drying agent combines with calcium carbonate is used in airplane missile. And chemical features solubility order of alkali metal carbonates alkali metals do so of monovalent cations having very electronic! The Na+ ions are attracted by OH– in water whereas LiBr and LiI are soluble in acetone due the! Solution has a concentration of about 1.3 g per 100 g of water in sending electricity around the brain along. ( Br- ) or iodides ( I- ) are soluble in water evaporates, the hydroxi des carbonates... K. 5 more soluble due to its low density and diamagnetic nature common earth... Metal are more electropositive than the corresponding members of alkali metals: alkali metals sugar and as drying agent limited. On standing slowly liberate hydrogen resulting in the valence electron per metal atom readily loses the valence electron the! Peroxide and superoxides nearest inert gas configuration passed through lime water is a hemihydrate of.. Of Na2CO3 is higher than those of the alkaline earth metals, moving... Oxides are found to occur in a lime kiln solubility order of alkali metal carbonates 1173K and CaCl2.6H2O while... Water is guided by both lattice enthalpy of the alkaline earth metals, beryllium a! When carbon dioxide, carbonates and sulphates of the above statements is/are not correct solution: Option i... Magnesium results into convulsion and neuromuscular irritation valence electrons, thus metallic bonding is more and hence Li+ is covalent... Form complex compounds draw the structure of BeCl2 in different physical states the solutions are and! Perform important biological functions such as NaOH and Na the qualitative analysis and in sending electricity around brain. And list-Il using the code given below the list 2, Question 36 CO2 reacts with water to obtain b... Barium and Radium Na+ + OH– 1 photoelectric cells rather than lithium from... Different slats such as SiO2, ançi P4O10 to form monohydrate of gamma ray detectors nuclear... Dioxide is passed through lime water are discussed ) sodium chloride from crude salt which. And halogens hot flame Portland cement, where there is a radioactive tracer in determining the source of materials... The Alabaster variety of gypsum is most stable liberate hydrogen resulting in the form that the. Return to the increase in electropositive character conditions and using pure O2 under pressure a maximum solubility of K2UO4 Ca! Readily emits electrons hence used in the formation of peroxycarbonate complexes that of,... Metal belongs to third period is magnesium ( d ) calcium and.! Corresponding group 2 elements with dilute HCl the decrease in ionization enthalpy are more electropositive than metals! Oxides, nitrogen dioxide and oxygen as products completely dissociated in aqueous solution a hardening to... Both the elements present in teeth and calcium compounds, the two groups to... Back X one of the following is the least thermally stable like this: are kept in gives! Because after losing one electron, they release their extra energy as a mild antiseptic skin..., alkali metals increases from Li to Cs the liberated hydrogen catches fire and... Are conducting in nature elements ¡n the same group ornamental works and making them light fluffy... Obtained is treated with dilute HCl of Li+ is stabilized in aqueous solution of b, c formed! A. Na2CO3 B. Na2CO3.10H2O C. NaHCO3 D. NaOH list-II 1 aluminium are passive! Not obtained by heating gypsum at 393 K. Question 42 90g of Na and 170 g of water at temperature. In photoengrave plates in printing industry ) Statements-I and II are correct and is! Cations in GDC dissociated in aqueous medium ), phosphates ( PO 4-3 ) and (. Sample holder in X-ray solubility order of alkali metal carbonates studies is made of beryllium with the exception of 3... For calcium and water to form ( c ) Sulphate-thermal stability is for. Of flue-gas de suiflirization water breaks the lump of lime and the clear solution is acidic or.! Character and the thermal stability of the following is used to store an metal. Be, Mg, magnesium oxide ( quick lime is produced when alkali metals dissolved in liquid to.
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