Your pet is a domesticated animal and no more than two are permitted in Your guest room.  Your pet is not allowed to enter any other guestrooms on the property except the designate rooms numbers of 103 in hotel and 103 resort 3 bedroom suite. If your pet enters any other guestrooms at Lake Shetek then You will be subject to a $100.00 fine.

You understand and agree that the Lodge/Motel retains the right to exclude Your pet in Management’s sole discretion if Your pet is considered dangerous or is likely to harm other guests in the Lodge/Motel.

There will be a $20.00 per-pet per-night fee charge, which will be assessed to Your charges upon Your reservation.

If Your pet has a “Bathroom Accident” in the guest room, there will be an additional $75.00 cleaning fee added to Your room account.

You must keep Your pet restrained on a leash at all times.

Pet may not be walked through the LOBBY of the Lodge.

You must properly remove and dispose of any litter or waste associated with Your pet at all times on Lodge/Motel premises.

You understand that when it is time to service Your room You must be present or the dog must not be in the room.

You agree to pay the Lodge/Motel any charges for any necessary cleaning or repair due to the pet stains and/or damages, as determined within the sole discretion of Management. You hereby authorize Your credit card on record to be charged for the cost of these additional services and/or amenities.

You agree that You are responsible for the noise Your pet creates and will ensure that Your pet does not disrupt the quiet enjoyment of the other Lodge/Motel guests. Failure to do so may result at management’s discretion either removal of the animal and/or vacating the premises.

You release Lake Shetek Lodge/Motel from any and all liability for any injury and/or damage suffered by Your pet. You agree that You assume full responsibility for any injury or damage caused or alleged to be caused by Your pet and incurred or alleged to be incurred by any guest, employee or invitee of the Motel/Lodge.

A veterinarian certification to confirm that Your pet has all required and up to date vaccinations shall be requested upon check in.

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